Starting a new business is costly and time intensive.  With municipality regulations, entrepreneurs are finding it more and more difficult to turn their dreams into realities.

Being in commercial real estate specializing in site selection and disposition, our clients are most often on the specific lookout for existing space. We understand that the savings in time and capital associated with finding an existing space versus starting from scratch is considerable.  Our goal is to provide a simple search platform for clients looking for that very specific type of space.

For example, on most platforms, a client cannot search for something as specific as “existing restaurant space.”  Typically, running a search will result in a wide range of spaces that could be categorized as any possible location for a restaurant. This would include anything from undeveloped pad sites, to retail space that developers feel will work well as restaurant space, to investment opportunities of operating restaurant.

We aim to simplify the search of those seeking the perfect existing space quickly in a user friendly platform.

Our mission is for this simple search platform to evolve and be applicable toward a wide range of specified uses that are cost intensive for initial startup such as restaurants, retail, anchors, medical and dental spaces, automotive uses, banks, salons, and more.

We look forward to having you join us on this journey to establish a free, easy to use, simple to update, expansive search platform full of the most sought after properties available.

Please contact us for more information regarding the future of our platform.